See your self-assessment tax return in a different light

Anyone who needs to file a self-assessment tax return will know that it’s a necessary evil but how about if we convince you that your tax return is worth way more to you than simply a tick box exercise?

We’d advise sending your information in as soon as possible so we can get your information back to you in plenty of time to plan ahead. We are highly experienced in completing all tax returns and are able to highlight a number of legitimate tax-saving areas you might not know about or have considered. This is where our expertise comes to the fore. Talk to us – tax is one of our specialist areas and it’s one of the main ways we can make a difference to your finances.

Having a completed and filed tax return gives you so many benefits:

  • It’s a job done and a big administrative tick in the box

  • You can claim any allowances earlier

  • Any refunds (if due) will be paid to you more quickly

  • It puts you completely in control of your finances – you know what you’ve earned, how much has been spent and how much tax is due – it’s a snapshot of your financial year

  • It allows you to plan your finances to allow for your tax bill or it can give you time you to speak with HMRC to work out a payment plan if you need one

  • This year, July’s tax has been deferred to January (where required) and the government has launched a ‘Time to Pay’ scheme to help – you can take advantage of both of these initiatives if you need to

  • Being on time means you don’t get an automatic late fine

  • Working through the information you provide allows us to do thorough tax planning so you get to keep as much of your money as possible

You’ll need to complete a self-assessment form if you are self-employed, receive dividends or have additional investment income to declare. Contact us to be absolutely sure and for help completing and filing it to maximise your tax position.

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