Important advice on pensions re-enrolment and re-declaration

We can advise you on how to manage your company pension schemes and ensure you are totally compliant. It's important to keep on top of this as you can be fined if you don't.

It's a useful reminder to know that if you have any staff who are:

• aged between 22 and up to state pension age*

• and earn over £10,000 per year, or £833 per month or, £192 per week

you must put them into your pension scheme and you must both pay into it.

Every three years you must put certain staff who have left your pension scheme back into it. This is called re-enrolment.Whether you have staff to put back into your scheme or not, you must complete a re-declaration of compliance to tell us how you have met your duties. Remember, re-enrolment and re-declaration are your legal duties and if you don't act you could be fined.

[From The Pensions Regulator government website]

The Pensions Regulator is a useful resource as a starting point but we can use your real-time information to create a matrix of your pension commitments. Talk to us.

Link to The Pensions Regulator

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